Texture Pixel Ranges:

(if required, AniGFX texture maps are often bespoke to resolution,
smaller textures have many manual adjustments to compensate for filtering or loss of any details due to reduction.
Not always necessary if atlassed textures or mip-maps are performing satisfactory to your project’s needs, however can also yield better results if the main texture resolution will be 256 (or lower) for mobile applications.
This is obviously a subjective visual area, and the adjusted smaller textures are included in the pack to use if you like, they are not a fixed requirement for the materials to function)
up to 128 – for sprites, GUI elements, really small stuff
256 – ideal for distant object LOD, or mobile applications
512 & 1024 – foreground textures
largest: 2048 – closer to source image size from 3456 or 4096 (detailed but not optimal for performance)
(custom sizes specific to models may be larger than 2048)

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Swiffy Output