PowerToolsFX – “Cuttables” Textures

chipboard osb paving_flag plywood concrete copper_panel metal_panel
In an App designed to cut stuff up, the first thing required is a choice of “Cuttable” Materials for the player to choose from, in PowerToolsFX we included a few materials, Wood, Concrete and Metal (with varying properties that affected the tool’s feedback)
IMG_0297 IMG_0304 IMG_0312
The cutting effect for materials was achieved by adding pixels to the alpha channel of the image to make “cut” areas appear where the player touched the screen.
The width of the cut area or roughness depending on material and tool used.
IMG_0298 IMG_0299 IMG_0301 IMG_0302
if the player was to outline a complete shape (and all the “cut” pixels join up) the contained area falls away.
users could also hack up famous old-masters or import their own images to layer on top of an existing material IMG_0695 IMG_0303

PowerToolsFX “Cuttables” Textures – Planks and Log

oaky pine plank_med spalted log
“Planks” were defined slightly differently to regular “Cuttables” in that they did not fill the entire work-area, and if cut entirely from top to bottom (or bottom to top, depending on where the player started cutting) the resulting cut section would fall off, (unlike the normal full-screen materials which required a complete shape to be cut out before the contained area fell away), designed primarily for head to head logging. (as the cutting effect for both materials was acheived by adding pixels to the alpha channel of the image to make “cut” areas, the planks had the space top and bottom already included in the alpha.)

MonsTECA- The CPU – concept sketch

The CPU (“Commanding Processing Unit”) The CPU is easily the most mean of spirit, cruel and generally unpleasant robot in MonsTECA. Fortunately there is only one of him. He commands all the Robot forces, and plans their every move. All The CPUs have succeeded in line through the passing down of the same chip that was placed (by the Maker) in the very first Robot all those years ago. He controls all of the Robots but he is gradually experiencing more breakdowns, crashes and glitches etc. mainly in his logic and understanding functions. He proved incompatible with his chosen compatible unit and she left him with a 2nd unit daughter Eugenie with whom he struggles to relate to due to her over-caring un- Robot-like nature.

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