Inna Ruff Style – Anigman vs. DJ Stylistic 2000

Dj stylistic_512
Recorded during a house party off Smithdown Road, Liverpool, NYE 1999-2000, a few hours of mixing and scratching and loops (with good mate Neil/Stylz/”DJ Stylistic” on the decks) got laid down to tape in a particularly “Ruff” lo-fi way – (didnt turn out bad considering the age and worn-out-ness of our equipment, and lack of available channels, but the 4 cassettes were mostly unlistenable with stomping footsteps, talking, background noise and crackles etc. so were kept just for fun). However did have a bit more fun cutting it up and pasting back together again few years later, setting the precedent for the “Ruff” in Ruff-edit, the lo-fi approach either by no choice or by design, has been a fundamental part of the Anigman sound ever since.

Menace to Society (Demo 2005)

Gradually upgrading the archives to include a decent file link – this is where things got started, first thing properly committed to track with guitar parts and drums, programming, everything actually recorded by me. Kensington, Liverpool 2004/5 ish.
First thing I was confident enough to offer to public scrutiny after delaying publishing anything for years before that.
Some lo-fi recording of bongos added some roomy drums and slide guitar. it’s a complete mess, but thats a bit the idea, its fun to make a (loud) mess every now and again.