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Marble Variations I
9 Authentic Marble Textures with Materials
Scanned from actual Marble sources.
-Cremo Oscuro
-Duchess Grey
-Erasun White
-Guipuzcoa Red
-Marquina Black
-Rojo Alicante
(includes extra “column” normal map) is versioned – (planning upgrades already)
marble_capture bca89094-0779-43d4-b43a-e8473321c75a_orig marble_capture3
Also in the pipeline is an Urban Textures Starter – with some dirty tiles and broken flags:
kennytilesCapture kennytilesCapture2 paveCapture
not all will be derelict – i have been working on some cleaner ceramics also:

Texture Pixel Ranges:

(if required, AniGFX texture maps are often bespoke to resolution,
smaller textures have many manual adjustments to compensate for filtering or loss of any details due to reduction.
Not always necessary if atlassed textures or mip-maps are performing satisfactory to your project’s needs, however can also yield better results if the main texture resolution will be 256 (or lower) for mobile applications.
This is obviously a subjective visual area, and the adjusted smaller textures are included in the pack to use if you like, they are not a fixed requirement for the materials to function)
up to 128 – for sprites, GUI elements, really small stuff
256 – ideal for distant object LOD, or mobile applications
512 & 1024 – foreground textures
largest: 2048 – closer to source image size from 3456 or 4096 (detailed but not optimal for performance)
(custom sizes specific to models may be larger than 2048)

PowerToolsFX – “Cuttables” Textures

chipboard osb paving_flag plywood concrete copper_panel metal_panel
In an App designed to cut stuff up, the first thing required is a choice of “Cuttable” Materials for the player to choose from, in PowerToolsFX we included a few materials, Wood, Concrete and Metal (with varying properties that affected the tool’s feedback)
IMG_0297 IMG_0304 IMG_0312
The cutting effect for materials was achieved by adding pixels to the alpha channel of the image to make “cut” areas appear where the player touched the screen.
The width of the cut area or roughness depending on material and tool used.
IMG_0298 IMG_0299 IMG_0301 IMG_0302
if the player was to outline a complete shape (and all the “cut” pixels join up) the contained area falls away.
users could also hack up famous old-masters or import their own images to layer on top of an existing material IMG_0695 IMG_0303

PowerToolsFX “Cuttables” Textures – Planks and Log

oaky pine plank_med spalted log
“Planks” were defined slightly differently to regular “Cuttables” in that they did not fill the entire work-area, and if cut entirely from top to bottom (or bottom to top, depending on where the player started cutting) the resulting cut section would fall off, (unlike the normal full-screen materials which required a complete shape to be cut out before the contained area fell away), designed primarily for head to head logging. (as the cutting effect for both materials was acheived by adding pixels to the alpha channel of the image to make “cut” areas, the planks had the space top and bottom already included in the alpha.)

Inna Ruff Style – Anigman vs. DJ Stylistic 2000

Dj stylistic_512
Recorded during a house party off Smithdown Road, Liverpool, NYE 1999-2000, a few hours of mixing and scratching and loops (with good mate Neil/Stylz/”DJ Stylistic” on the decks) got laid down to tape in a particularly “Ruff” lo-fi way – (didnt turn out bad considering the age and worn-out-ness of our equipment, and lack of available channels, but the 4 cassettes were mostly unlistenable with stomping footsteps, talking, background noise and crackles etc. so were kept just for fun). However did have a bit more fun cutting it up and pasting back together again few years later, setting the precedent for the “Ruff” in Ruff-edit, the lo-fi approach either by no choice or by design, has been a fundamental part of the Anigman sound ever since.

test HTML rollovers

Swiffy Output

Menace to Society (Demo 2005)

Gradually upgrading the archives to include a decent file link – this is where things got started, first thing properly committed to track with guitar parts and drums, programming, everything actually recorded by me. Kensington, Liverpool 2004/5 ish.
First thing I was confident enough to offer to public scrutiny after delaying publishing anything for years before that.
Some lo-fi recording of bongos added some roomy drums and slide guitar. it’s a complete mess, but thats a bit the idea, its fun to make a (loud) mess every now and again.

Testing building textures made without aid of photographs

Some experimenting with textures created exclusively from shape layers and procedural gradient fills in Photoshop, no photographic elements.

result is not rasterised and therefore scaleable to any size desired.

The randomised noise gradient layers were for the windows, to approximate blinds or curtains,
and being randomly generated added the possibility to keep adding variations so not all the windows were too similar

one of the daytime tiles:

one of the nighttime tiles:

a few being used together to form part of a tower building:

testing on some basic 3D models:
windows test windows test_nightgenericised_test

Terrain objects made from fractals as source

made few more preview images of terrain objects created using fractals as the source (also made the fractal iterations using nifty little Android Mandlebrot app – needed bit of messing to get rid of some crazy spikes from low quality image after transfering from tab screenshot but think i did alright tidying up)
with similar texture set and no trees or grass added yet to distract

(small b&w image bottom right is the source fractal) all except last one (is actual height map data)

heightmap_1_prev heightmap_1_prev2 heightmap_2_prev heightmap_3_prev heightmap_4_prev heightmap_8_prev heightmap_13_prev heightmap_21_prev heightmap_5_prev

Dick Limerick Academy 3D Fly


Picture 1 of 5

3d model/rig for Dick Limerick Academy (adapted from Frank Smith’s original 2d artwork).

Short animation with audio excerpts of DLA tracks also included a colour transition to compliment the two colours previously used on DLA album artwork.
DLA Album "Return of the Fly" 2008 cover art by Frank Smith 2008
DLA_merseycide cover art by Robi Morris (RiUvEn) 2010

PowerTools FX


Your own workshop of realistic Power Tools!

PowerToolsFX is a fun new kind of drawing app, which gives you a collection of authentic power tools with none of the hassle, mess and danger.

Choose from a selection of tools and use them to cut and manipulate different materials and surfaces.

You can even import photos from your device’s camera, and share your creations easily via email, Facebook and Twitter and more!

Each tool is authentically simulated, with all the noise, vibration, dust and sparks of the real thing, as well as the satisfaction of mastering DIY skills.


A variety of different surfaces and materials to cut and drill.

Import your own photos.

Share your finished creations via email, Facebook or Twitter.

Precision cutting controls using tilt and multitouch.

In-game help system shows you how to perform advanced cutting techniques.

download iPad/iPhone App Store